About the Project

We worked with UNICEF on several projects involving young people and humanitarian emergencies. In these situations, adolescents and young people are often neglected with relief efforts focused on small children (considered most vulnerable) and adults (considered most capable to respond). We worked with UNICEF Philippines to develop an online PDF and video-based resource designed to prepare humanitarian workers, and help them include young people in their work.

We also ran a Participatory Video project with young people from diverse ethnic groups, displaced through conflict, living in transitional housing on the outskirts of Zamboanga (Mindanao). This aimed to bring peace and understanding of diversity and equality. The group made three very different films expressing the key issues affecting their lives. The process of having fun through all the creative activities and then hearing each other’s stories helped dissolve prejudice and bring everyone together.

In addition, Storyscape conducted a five day Train the Trainer Participatory Video Workshop with approx. 20 participants, so they could further engage young people and encourage them to have a voice in peace building in Mindanao.


UNICEF Philippines


Research, Community Arts, Advocacy

Project Date

Mar 2015-Oct 2015


Films were screened at a UN conference in Manila and received coverage in the national newspaper. The project inspired a local Film Festival in the following years.

“We’ve been taught how to use the camera, how to film and add sound, edit, take photos, what shots to use, and how to get the angle. I’m happy because we made a lot of friends. The Badjaos are now our friends. I thought they weren’t, but now I know it’s nice to be friends with Badjaos and the Chavacanos too.”

Participatory Video Workshop participant

UNICEF, Zamboanga, Philippines

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