Stories are central to how we communicate. They are the driving force in our program design, evaluation, and creative advocacy work. Our personal stories have the power to heal, create empathy, shape opinions and change things for the better.

Program Design and Evaluation

We design, plan and evaluate programs, with a focus on the arts, youth, community development, health and justice. We develop and adapt Theories of Change, design monitoring and evaluation plans, create data collection tools, provide training, and conduct process and impact evaluations. We work with communities, state and federal governments, local and international NGOs, and the UN.

We specialise in participatory and creative methods, drawing on our skills in community engagement and arts production. We use tools such as participatory action and learning, workshop facilitation, participatory video and photography, and a wide range of storytelling techniques. We also collect and analyse qualitative and quantitative data using traditional evaluation and research methodologies, and partner with consultants specialising in Value for Money and other techniques.

Creative Arts Production

We produce high quality art, made by and for communities. We bring together talented artists, musicians, filmmakers, performers, storytellers and designers to collaborate with groups, communities, and individuals. We combine our expertise in co-design processes with the arts, to create work that is authentic, beautiful and impactful. We produce creative projects, films, events, performances, music, animations and apps.

We bring people together to create content that tackles big issues, and challenges audiences to change their perspective. We work from a strengths-based position that respects the people we work with and the audiences we hope to reach, and aims to contribute to a more positive future for everyone. We are process focussed and acknowledge that the process is as important, if not more important, than the outcome. We have produced award-winning projects, apps and films, and are known for our unique collaborative approach to creative arts production.

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