About the Project

Blaktraks was a Koorie Youth Arts Program where young people learnt how to make their own autobiographical short films creating their own voice/over narratives, soundtracks, and images including video, photos and stencil art. The aim was to re-engage young people with community, and to express their stories as young urban Indigenous Australians, in ways that were meaningful to them.

Storytelling was used as a medium for social connection, and to record and share Indigenous urban oral histories. Participants performed their music and screened films at events in Melbourne and Sale, in Victoria, and at conferences in Canberra and Gippsland.


Koorie Heritage Trust


First Nations, Identity, Storytelling

Funding Partner


Project Date

2010 – 2013

Collaborating Partner

Reko Rennie, Monica Weightman, Glenn Shea, Jacob Boehme, MC Mantra, Monkey Marc, Sista Nativeh


Finalist in the annual VicHealth awards, and Kira Bunker was a finalist in ABC’s Heywire competition with her film Back on Track.

“I think back to things like ‘Blaktraks’ that have really helped me along in my life to succeed instead of fail. My life could have turned out different, but it didn’t. Thank you so much. If you start it up again I’d love to help out and hopefully inspire some participants.”

Participant, Blaktraks Youth Arts Program

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