About the Project

This film was made in a series of participatory video workshops facilitated by Storyscape in Melbourne with New Change, a young African women advocacy group. It focuses on issues related to mental health, and uses poetic letters to parents, friends and broader society to surface the importance of intergenerational connection and support, as well as the need to speak up and out about difficult circumstances.

The film launch incorporated additional material recorded by New Change in English and Dinka projected across three walls, as well as a moving performance piece by New Change. An inspiring group of young women!


New Change


Participatory Video, Mental Health, Advocacy


New Change, South Sudanese Community Association Victoria, Dr Alison Baker (Victoria University)

Project Date

Jan 2017 – Feb 2018


New Change screened their film at a UN Conference in Canada and continue to give screenings/ talks about mental health and other issues at schools and conferences.

“This film is amazing! So emotional and meaningful – it really captured the tone and message the group was imagining from the start. Thank you!”


New Change

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