About the Project

Storyscape worked with Traditional Owner Programs, Aboriginal Victoria to undertake an evaluation of the Victorian Government’s Treaty Community Engagement Program. The program provided grants to Victorian Traditional Owners, Aboriginal businesses and other Aboriginal organisations to engage in the treaty process in Victoria. The Program formed part of phase one of the treaty process, and funded more than 30 organisations with over $2 million in grants awarded through 2018 and 2019.

The purpose of the evaluation was to assess outcomes, and key learnings. Insights gained through this program and the evaluation helped inform the Victoria Treaty Advancement Commission and First People’s Assembly of Victoria, in further planning for the Treaty process.


First Peoples State Relations, First Peoples’ Assembly Victoria


First Nations, Research, Community Engagement

Project Date

Mar-Jul 2020

“I think a significant thing that stood out for me was that our mob were willing to come to the table and listen, and actually learn about what the treaty is and ask questions in a safe space and provide their personal opinions, so that in itself is a significant step for us as Aboriginal people.”

Program Participant

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